Human Story Contest "Yet Unwritten" June 2019

Human Story Contest

News | 25 05 2020

About the Contest:

Rozana is holding a competition for the best human story "Yet Unwritten," breaking all gender stereotypes prevailing both in journalism and media. The competition is open to Syrian journalists only.

Rules of the Competition:

Participating journalists shall submit only one written story that has never been published before and cannot be published through traditional media.

The journalist must present a controversial human story, communicating dauntless audacity in the Arab media challenging and breaking down the traditional social barriers related to gender ( gender stereotypes in the Syrian society) at different levels, namely legal, social, educational, professional … etc.

This competition seeks to encourage freedom of expression and reflection outside the traditional journalism box.

The submitted stories will be assessed by a joint committee of independent journalists and others belonging to Rozana. The names of the winners will be announced right after the awards.

Arbitration will last for two weeks starting immediately after the competition's end date and prizes will be announced late July.

Five awards worth 500 dollars each will be granted for the best and boldest 5 human stories.

Terms of Application:

Participants must comply with the following terms:


●        The age must not exceed 45 years.

●        The story must be exclusively written.

●        The story number of words is between 800 and 1000.

●        Stories submitted after the due date will not be accepted.

●        The story should be written in correct Arabic language with punctuation marks.

●        Participants must abide by the Ethical Charter for Syrian Media, in accordance with the International Press Charter.

●        Rozana Foundation and affiliate platforms are entitled to copyrights.

●        Gender will be considered during the selection of winners.

●        The story should not be published before.


Applications must be attached to the journalist’s CV and sent by email before 30 June 2019. The story must be sent in Word format to:


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