Syrian Successful Women In Jordan!

Syrian Successful Women In Jordan!

Reports | 30 11 2016

A group of Syrian young ladies decided to continue in success, despite the multiplications of obstacles after they arrived in Jordan. "Ranim" is one of those, she has managed to prove her capabilities in design and decoration after suffering many years in a milieu that is almost devoid of women.

Discrimination faced by women

Apart from all obstacles faced by Syrian in work, such as restrictions in careers they can work in Jordan and the high cost of living and other obstacles, all these challenges become greater when it comes to women.

Ranim suffers from restrictions practiced against Syrians in work, despite she has been born in Jordan and spent most of her life there, in addition to other difficulties she faces as a woman works in the field of Design & Décor.

Because of her superiority at university, Ranim Qapatros was able to work in design when she was in the second year at the university in Jordan, 2010, to find herself working in projects that are almost devoid of women, what increased her determination.

"Ranim" was not given confidence by decision makers in this field, nor by her fellows and workers, she said to ROZANA: "I’ve never met a project manager who gave me full confidence from the first meeting, apart from workers who cannot accept orders from a woman and tries to do the opposite to what I want."

Now, and after she proved the contrary by being professional in this career, "Ranim" oversees major projects, of which she embodies her artistic sense:

"I can see a bright future for me in the field of design& décor, as a woman who left her imprint in the Arab world, maybe like )Zuha Hadid(."

In reference to the Iraqi architect who became famous in the West, considering that women do not need except self-confidence to be professional in any career.

Women refugees and incomplete image in media

According to a report by UNHCR, women and children constitute 4 out of every 5 Syrian refugees, and that more than 145.000 Syrian women are supporting their families on her own around the world, and this number constitutes more than the quarter out of the total number which is half a million women.

Milia Aidamouni" who studied journalism in Syria and then moved to Jordan in 2012, sees that the international and local media are presenting a Stereotype for Syrian woman. "Woman appears to be weak and sad refugee or a war victim, and we cannot see those who had literacy courses, or language or technology courses in order to make a living and support their families."

Milia has managed to establish the Female Journalists Network five years ago, with the assistance of her fellows, the network concentrates on achieving gender equality, and improving the image of women through professional trainings in media, to reflect the image of a strong Syrian worker woman.

Syrian women start their private projects

Syrians face so many obstacles when they want to enter the world of investment, the most notably perhaps is the need for a Jordanian partner with a share of no less than 50% out of the foreign industrial investment amount, but about the commercial investment, it requires having one million dollars in the bank account of the investor.

The Syrian "Lara Shahin" has come to Jordan in 2013, and faced all these challenges when she established her small factory for handmade items two years ago, but she managed to license it recently using her Jordanian friend’s name.

About the goal of her institution "Jasmine", Lara said to ROZANA: "the institution goal is to employ Syrian women in order to make them able to support their families without needing the financial assistant of any organization and association."

Lara now is employing 40 Syrian women in her institution, some of them are working from their houses under their request, hoping that she can employ 200 Syrian women soon.

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