Some Syrians Prefer Egypt to Europe and Canada

Some Syrians Prefer Egypt to Europe and Canada

Reports | 11 11 2016

While many Syrians are looking for the opportunity of asylum to Europe, Canada, and USA, there are those who rejected these opportunities after getting it, and decided to stay in Egypt.

Syrian do not compare opportunities so easily, where there are other aspects, standards, and background for each option, besides, there are consequences of each option, and such was the way of thinking of both Rufaida and Ayat, the two Syrian ladies who are residents in Egypt.

Seize opportunities

Rufaida -Syrian student living in Egypt- preferred staying in order to continue her study, rather than travelling to Europe and USA for asylum.

She confirms that she took the chance to continue her study, so she ended the high school in Egypt and reached the university, she dreams of travelling and believes it is a good choice, but does not want to leave before achieving something important in this country, according to her.

The young lady says: "There are many opportunities in Egypt in the field of training workshops, and I was able to take advantage of some of them. Working conditions are so hard in Egypt, few opportunities, and it is becoming more difficult for those who are trying to work in order to continue their education."

Rufaida tried to work, but she found it difficult to combine work and study in these hard circumstances, and without having an academic certificate.

 Like other Syrians, Rufaida has many reasons to stay in Egypt, who preferred to continue their education rather than travel and start a new route in life.

"Egypt is like a battlefield, you have to be ready for all challenges, I am here 4 years ago, and could not stabilize yet, but at the same time, I still think it is better than anywhere else." She concluded.

The fear of exile

The number of the Syrian refugees is beyond 130.000, according to the numbers of UNHCR affiliated by the United Nation, including craftsmen and students Syrians.

Ayat, a student in the third year in the Faculty of Media in Egypt, her family was nominated by UNHCR to go to Canada, and although her family is very happy and excited about that, but Ayat is not happy, because she found herself in Egypt.

I built a reality and developed my skills, found a goal and worked on it, so I felt that travelling will keep me away from my dreams and new personality that I worked hard to achieve. Ayat says.

Ayat adds that she finds it an extra exile to be in a western society that is different from hers, in the term of religion, culture, language, and customs.

I believe that staying in Egypt is much better for me, First, because it is close to Syria, Second, people here welcome us and love us, and I have been granted many opportunities in the field I love.

Ayat confirms that being close to Syria eases her exile, and if she decides to leave Egypt, she will go to turkey.

There are so many reasons make Egypt a better choice for Syrians, maybe the convergence of traditions and customs, maybe the language or culture.

Europe may seem tempting with a lustrous future, but the overcrowded Egypt with all its noise still soulful and kind for many Syrians, who dream of returning to their country and cannot stay far away from it.

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