Official Documents for Syrian Refugees in Gaza

Official Documents for Syrian Refugees in Gaza

Reports | 9 11 2016

Syrian refugees in the Palestinian Gaza Strip facing the problem of registering their children, because there is no Syrian embassy in Palestine, and going to get official papers at the Syrian embassy in Egypt seems impossible, what prompt the Syrian refugee "Anas Qatergi" to take the decision of not to have a baby!

Little attempts!

Palestinian government has been trying in the Gaza Strip -affiliated with Hamas’ movement-  to help Syrian refugees, through issuing official documents can help them to facilitate their needs as much as possible.

But nonetheless, the political situation experienced by the Syrian refugees is an obstacle in documenting their official papers by the Syrian regime.

Many facilities in this aspect by the government of the Gaza Strip, according to the Syrian refugee Majid al-Attar, who emphasizes how easy is to issue the Syrian refugee identification cards.

He said: "The official bodies gave us identifiable cards as soon as we entered the Gaza Strip, particularly since the first week", explaining the mechanism by which the issuance of these cards, saying: "It needs the passport, picture, and an Identifier, and so we get the card."

Family documents for Syrians in Gaza

Gaza government issued an official document especially for the Syrian refugees, called "Family Document".

The head of the association "My Right" for Arab Refugees in Gaza, "Atef Imawi" says: "I went to the Civil Affairs and asked them to give me a family document, in order to complete my transactions abroad, but they told me that they do not have this tradition."

He adds: "That prompts the Civil Affairs to take in charge the issuance of this official paper for those in need, which is a document that includes a complete and detailed data on the family members."

Many Obstacles

"The real obstacle is to ratify the official papers within the Syrian government." Says Anas Qatergi.

He adds in his interview with Rozana: "I cannot bear the idea of ​​having a baby, and put his fate under the possibilities, particularly amid the critical situation the Syrian refugees live."

Qatrgi confirms that many Syrian children were born in the Gaza Strip, but were not registered officially in Syria and have no passports, due to the difficulty of going to Egypt. Especially with the closure of Rafah border crossing between the Gaza Strip and the Egyptian territory. And many of them are afraid to approach any official apartment belonging to the Syrian regime, because of their opposed political attitudes.

Politics interferes in everything

The Palestinian political analyst Naji Sharab says that the problems facing the Syrian refugees in Gaza are because the "the Syrian government's position on them, because they belong to opposition parties."

He says, "in this case, they do not have any other choice than staying in Gaza, carrying identity papers allowing them to receive community-based services, and thus their fate is the fate of a large number of Syrian refugees and immigrants."

Syrians were trapped in unenviable position inside the siege of the Gaza Strip, what makes them waiting to solve a lot of dilemmas, so they can adapt to the sad reality, whatever their wishes to stay within the strip or out.

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