Details on Granting Turkish Citizenship to Syrian Degree Holders

Details on Granting Turkish Citizenship to Syrian Degree Holders

Reports | 18 11 2016

Turkish official at the Immigration Department's told Rozana that receiving diplomas is only for the Syrians who had received text messages asking them to do so. At the same time, another source close to the Turkish officials confirmed that this certificates’ census is related to granting Turkish citizenship to the Syrians.

Beytullah SAYGILI, a Turkish official named in the text messages that have reached number of Syrians in the past few days, pointed out that "the receipt of paper certificates are currently only of those who had received text messages."

He added: "The e-government in Ankara is the only one who is responsible for sending text messages to the Syrians."

There have been recently text messages reached the Syrians in the city of Gaziantep in which it said: "We ask the Syrians who are holders of certificates- graduates intermediate institutes or university- to review Mr. Beytullah SAYGILI until the date of 31.10.2016, accompanied with a copy of their certificate with the original, for comparison and make sure."

Rozana visited the Department of Immigration and met a number of Syrians there, including Dr. Yousef Al-Farrah, who said to Rozana: "I applied with my identification and certificates for the Department of Immigration after I received a text message."

He explained: "the required paperwork is a copy of the Turkish residence card and a translated copy of the Syrian passport, as well as, certified copies of educational certificates translated into the Turkish language."

How will Turkey deal with the forged certificates?

Onur Ozjo who is close to the Turkish government explained to Rozana that the Turkish Ministry of Labor in cooperation with the Syrian interim government will work together on authenticating the certificates submitted by the Syrians. "

He pointed out that "medical certificates holders need to authenticate their certificates from the interim government, also will be tested by the Turkish Ministry of Health before giving them the permit to practice the profession".

Ozjo revealed that "the ILO will launch soon activities and training programs for the Syrians, especially for those who are in Southeast Syria."

In the last period, many advertisements were spread on the social networking sites, claimed to be willing of issuance Syrian identification papers in Turkey, including passports and Syrian university degrees and certificates for a sum of money.

Informal assurances that "texting" is related to the process of granting Turkish citizenship

D. Abdel Halim Oglo, who is a consultant and close to the Turkish officials stressed, stressed that "requesting the Syrians’ certificates of Syrians related to the granting of citizenship."

And he added: "Same texts reached many Syrians in the states of Ottoman and Hattie", pointing out that "about 100 Syrian, including doctors, teachers, judges in both states mentioned, were approved for having the Turkish citizenship."

The interim government has its citizen service office to verify the certificates in Gaziantep

For his part, a Syrian official in the interim government, said to Rozana: "The Turkish government has asked the interim government authentication of the medical certificates for those Syrian doctors who wish to practice the profession in Turkey."

The official noted that the "Citizen Service Office of the interim government in Gaziantep contains data for all diplomas issued by Syrian colleges and universities Syrian", pointing out that "the database is accurate so that it can reveal the forged certificates."


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