Learn About the Fans Boy in Douma!

Learn About the Fans Boy in Douma!

Reports | 17 11 2016

The "Fans Boy" is a new nickname launched by the people in Damascus country side, describing “Yamen” who is an 11-year-old boy. Where if the heat is so high, all you have to do is to go to Yamen’s house, in the middle of the city, so you can obtain a fan, he invented using the primitive equipment.


The siege in the city urged people to invent. And despite the fact that people there are deprived of the most basic necessities of life for more than four years, but still the city's residents, young and old, are able to get through death.

"I came up with the idea while someone was fixing our Wireless Antenna in the house, I was watching him carefully, but the detector engine that runs 12 volts drew my attention, so I got a new one, and brought a solid stick and plastic base and apply them on an old fan blades, and my invention succeeded." Said Yamen.

Yamen gets up very early in the morning, goes to his school, and then return from there with the hope of making more fans, which had been popular among the local people, and he was able to support his family through that job at the same time, besides the child doesn’t hide his desire in realizing his dream as long enticed him, which is buying a bicycle!

He continues: "My father is sick and can’t work, and my mother is a housewife, so every day, I complete my school homework, then prepare myself to start working, hoping to help my family and the people around, especially with the blackouts and many people depend on generators."

 "We are keeping pace with China and Japan"

People of besieged Douma insist on clinging to life, despite the fact that death is staring at them from each side. They find space for laughter and smiling, whenever they see Abu Mohammed, topping the remnants of rockets to go to work! after he has lost his house and motorcycle because of the bombing of warplanes. So the man determined to re-manufacture his bike, 0but in his own way.

"I was fond of my bike, I did not want to lose it because of the shelling, so I decided to use the rest of the remnants of missiles in order to re-manufacture the bike, and successfully I did, we are keeping pace with the industries China and Japan, to prove to the whole world that we are able to be creative despite the siege and bombardment."

Keep pace with people needs

With the passage of time, Abu Mohamad becomes familiar to the mechanism of working with rockets’ remnants, and he determined to develop the work little by little, and his passion induced him to invent a bicycle in the same way, then he turned to meet the needs of the besieged, like house stuff, phones, and lamps, and was able to open a workshop to work with the help of some men, as he confirms.

"Even mortars, we have to take advantage of them, and we created heaters from the remnants, that people liked a lot, in addition to paintings we make using bullet casings.” He added, mockingly: “We hope that Bashar Assad would help us by sending more missiles through his aircraft so that we can keep on being creative and meet the people needs." 

A suicidal mission!

Collecting the remains of rockets and missiles used in the work has another story of that other story. Ahmed, who is a worker in Abu Mohammed’s workshop, often takes that risk, where he roams in Douma streets to do this dangerous mission, especially that their work depends on the unexploded remnants.

Ahmad explains: "in order to ensure the continuity of our work, we should risk, some people describe us madmen, but, thank God, no one of us has exposed to any danger so far.

With the beginning of the siege, people of Douma turned to extract gas, fuel oil, and gasoline from the plastic material, inventions and innovations may seem entire primitive, but it has become the city lifeblood, in the words of some people there.

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