After " Quitting Revolution" .. He Calls for a General Strike in Horan!


Reports | 1 09 2016

Dr. Taysir Zoubi announced that he has "quit" the Syrian Revolution in response to the evacuation of Darya’s fighters and residents under an agreement between the opposition factions in the city and the Syrian regime, as a result of what he called "Betrayal" by the factions of the city Daraa (south of Syria), calling for a general strike in Horan in the first of next September against the "Dollar Worshipers" in the region, in a reference to the factions in southern Syria.

Rozana met Dr. Zoubi, who said that the main reason for "quitting revolution" in Daraa, is that "the armed factions in the southern region or in the countryside of Damascus have let Darya down.”

And about the indirect causes? Zoubi said: "Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution until now, many accumulations led me to abandon the revolution, including the armed factions’ errors and the internal disputes among them, as well as the absence of administration in the liberated areas in Daraa and its countryside, and the lack of legal deterrent in Horan region".

The doctor announcement found resonance among Syrians, and many of them circulate it widely welcomed, after he published Zoubi "Declaration of quitting" on his Facebook profile in which he said: " I apologize to all the Syrian governorates of whom stood in solidarity with us, I apologize to Darya, we've let you down .. forgive us, I'm Dr. Taysir Al Zoubi announcing quitting the revolution in the city of Daraa after it was sold by the dollar worshipers, and I will sit in my house, until the command of Allah comes. "

The Interim government in Daraa have no action

Zoubi stressed "that there is no meaningful support from the Syrian Interim Government, like the rest of the liberated areas in Syria," and added: "We have seen nothing from the interim government and the Ministry of Health except only its name!".

He explained that "the government did not take the effective role in regulating relations with neighboring countries, especially Jordan, also did not seek to enter modern medical equipment to the region, while doctors of all nationalities were entered to the city of Aleppo, although both Aleppo and Daraa have border ports with neighboring countries."

About the relations between doctors and armed factions existing relationship, the doctor said: "In the beginning of the revolution there was a very large and fruitful cooperation between them, but now it is very little cooperation" and zoubi blames the doctors saying: "because doctors considered to be the educated class that accompanied the armed action since the beginning, but now they are very far from each other. "

The doctor did not hide his remorse for "quitting the revolutionary action" after he was involved in the revolution as a Syrian citizen rather than a doctor, but the scarcity of doctors forced him to shift to work in the medical field and be distant from the revolutionary activities day after day, he added: "my absence in the revolutionary actions had many downsides, I find myself as an ordinary revolutionary educated citizen more than being Taysir Zoubi, the revolution doctor. "

Full strike in Horan

In a statement on "Facebook", Zoubi called All the revolution events in Horan to a general strike because of “letting Darya down”, he wrote: "We have the date of March 18, Let us make 1 September a day for having back Horan glories, on a general strike in Horan, to prove to the world and the people Darya that the people of Daraa are still there .. It is a day against the Dollar worshipers, this is my will today because only God knows where could I be tomorrow."

Zoubi is the first doctor was arrested by the Syrian regime in Daraa, having filmed a video and explain the case of the tortured child “Hamza al-Khatib”.

many demonstrations were set off in different parts of Daraa, on the eve of the agreement was announced in Darya, condemned what is called the "Daraa factions leaders inaction towards helping Darya" and chanted phrases such as "What a shame what a shame .. bring down the Dollar leaders."


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