Mustafa Jacob launches a campaign Called "I am Syrian"

Mustafa Jacob launches a campaign Called

News | 3 03 2016

The artist Mustafa Jacob said to Rozana, that his new campaign where he published pictures for American celebrities who are from Syrian origins, that campaign is considered to be a try to change the feature of Syrian refugee, from an accused of terrorism and harassment to someone who has a positive effect in the world Cultural Heritage.

Jacob noted, on Tuesday, that "his last campaign came to take advantage of the American Academy Awards season to be exploited for the benefit of the Syrian issue by highlighting some of American stars with Syrian origins."

He added, "the global view of Syrians promoted by the media after Paris and Germany events, that they are barbaric and backward people and our children future as Just harassers” pointing out that "it was necessary to respond to those campaigns in the same artistic tools."


The French newspaper (Charlie Hebdo) recently caricature, suggest that the Syrian drowned child (Ilan), will be one of harassers if he lived, which was condemned among the European and international media.

About the goal of the campaign, Jacob said, "Maybe there is another Steve Jobs who is now just a Syrian refugees accused of terrorism and harassment," adding, "Unfortunately, westerns know nothing about Syria  ... they do not know that we were a civilized people and will always be, and that we have deep effect in the world cultural heritage, so the first duty of us as artists is to get this message and the convey this idea."

About the preparation period for the campaign "I am Syrian", he said: "I'm working on this campaign about a month ago to assemble the resources and make the intersections between them, as well as to collect the images and give them the same spirit in an artistic way, to give the recipient the impression of Oscars."


Jacob noted, that "there are dozens of people in the world with Syrian origins, including Rene and Paul Lanka, but I chose the most famous faces who are known by large percentage of people, whether in the West or in our Arab countries."

"I am Syrian" included the actor, Wentworth Miller and Jerry Seinfeld whose mothers are from Syrian origin, and American actress and writer Teri Hatcher who is Syrian too, actor Murray Abraham, and his Assyrian father, and the manager of the company (Apple) Steve Jobs, whose father is Syrian from Homs city. 

يمكنكم الاستماع للبث المباشر عبر الضغط (هنا)

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