Rozana Launches its Training Center "RAM Media Development"

Rozana Launches its Training Center

News | 22 12 2021


Rozana Media has launched the "RAM Media Development Center", specialising in consulting and developing skills in various media formats and disciplines.

RAM Media Development Center is a distinct choice for all training services, media development and press consultations for individuals, teams and institutions, and to contribute to the promotion of freedom of expression and to keep abreast of the latest tools of journalistic work.

The center represents a summary of the knowledge and experiences that the Rozana Media Foundation built during the experience of its journalistic team covering the long years of war in Syria, and examining the challenges of journalistic work in conflict areas.

Rozana has itself tested the methods of continuity, sustainability and media development, which makes her able to understand the necessary needs, and the language most close to journalists and media institutions in the region.

The Ram Center for Media Development relies on international experts and trainers in various media forms, who have provided a large number of trainings in Syria, the Middle East and North Africa, and contributed to the development of media institutions in those regions along with international organizations to promote freedom of opinion and expression.

Ram Center focuses on media development through:

Editorial Support

Building editorial strategies and managing embedded newsrooms, including the arts of journalistic writing, in-depth journalism, developing subjects relating to gender, conflict sensitive journalism, humanitarian journalism, and solutions journalism.

Journalistic training in broadcasting arts, podcasts, and audio journalism, including presenting programmes, broadcasting performances, and communicating with the public.

Digital Press

Providing solutions for social media, mobile journalism, storytelling of digital journalism, building digital communities, and digital advocacy campaigns.
Developing writing skills for websites, training in searching and verifying information on the Internet, and in journalistic ethics relating to working on digital platforms.
Building capacities in mobile journalism, photographic arts and video journalism, as well as supporting media institutions in the digital transition from traditional journalism to digital one.

Radio and Audio Press

The Ram Center for Media Development provides technical support to radio stations and media organizations interested in audio services, establishing digital radios, developing capabilities relating to audio engineering, programming of radio content, and establishing radio studios.

In addition to training in writing skills for radio, broadcasting diction, mastering the preparation and presentation of interactive programs, interview techniques, podcast production, studio management and the efficient use of studio equipment.

Specialized Press

The center provides training in several types of specialized journalism, such as gender journalism, gender-friendly journalism, solutions journalism, and humanitarian journalism.

The center also provides training on safety of journalists in conflict areas, and in conflict-sensitive journalism.

Sustainability of Independent Media Foundations

The Ram Center for Media Development shares the experience of Rozana as a media foundation, maintaining its continuity in light of several challenges, managing crises in media foundations, and preparing risk measurement studies.

The Ram Center provides training to develop practical tools in managing media institutions in terms of financial, administrative and human aspects, dealing with budgets, building strategies and projects, as well as training in planning, assessment, following-up and learning skills.

Since its launch in 2013, Rozana has been working on media development and journalistic skills development for Syrian journalists, and journalists in other countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

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