SY-APS Syria Manager 

SY-APS Syria Manager 

News | 24 11 2021

About SY-APS

SY-APS a Syrian consulting company specializing in monitoring, evaluation, capacity building and economic development activities. Working exclusively with humanitarian organizations for the benefit of humanitarian activities, SY-APS provides advisory services, designs innovative products and develops systems that help humanitarian organizations.

Third Party Monitoring – we collect data about humanitarian programs, at the request of non governmental organizations, to report on the status of their projects and provide community feedback.

Evaluations – we collect data at the end of projects and provide feedback to humanitarian
organizations about whether or not their implementation met their objectives, and how they can improve programs in the future.

Expertise – we provide guidance for local and international non-governmental organizations on how they can develop their systems and training plans to deliver better humanitarian programs that are both effective and accountable.

Research – we develop assessments to contribute to shared understanding of contexts, such as how local food markets are functioning, or how communities have been impacted by conflict.

Humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and operational independence are core fundamental principles that SY-APS and our partners, the humanitarian community in Syria, adhere to when undertaking humanitarian activities. These longstanding principles are the cornerstone of any humanitarian operation and are derived in varying degrees from International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law, a UN General Assembly Resolution , and are part of codes of conduct and organizational mission statements guiding humanitarian organizations.

Roles and Responsibilities 

Project Management

1. Responsible for planning for projects and for overseeing the project implementation. Areas of focus would include: monitoring and evaluation, needs assessment, capacity building and training. 
2. Responsible to implement project as a subject matter expert and/or coordinate other team members to implement project on time with desired outcomes linked to objectives of the project. 
3. Responsible for creating detailed project implementation plan for all team members and provide weekly (when needed daily) updates. 
4. Responsible for program quality assurance. 
5. Responsible for maintaining data base of staff members or consultants that can be engaged on current or future projects. 

Technical expertise 
1. As a subject matter expert for training, capacity building or monitoring and evaluation responsible for the training program design, or evaluation design (working in a team), conducting field work (KII, FGD), training other team members, or collecting project information directly. 
2. Design, organize and deliver training programs. 
3. Support and lead the production of online training programs such as child protection and coordinating the technical aspects of the course development, design and presentation. 

Coordination and Communication

For relevant projects, responsible for maintaining perfect relationship with partners and project stakeholders. 
Create project stakeholders map, and develop regular project stakeholders communication and coordination strategy and plan. 
Establish and maintain perfect work environment within SY-APS
Support other team members with coordination with other project stakeholders
Ensure a daily communication internally: with SY-APS staff, Regional Experts, Program Managers and Executive director 


For relevant projects, responsible for project reporting (in coordination with regional subject matter experts)
Collaborate with all SY-APS and regional team members.

Expected skills 

English and Arabic Proficiency 
Management Skills 
Communication skills 

Desired experience 
An experience in the Syrian NGO environment would be a plus 
An experience in Monitoring and Evaluation would be a plus

Practical Aspect
Work: in office and remote 
Flexible work hours to accommodate project priorities and needs. 

If you are interested apply at 

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