Request for Proposals Syrian Podcast Audience Research Study

Request for Proposals Syrian Podcast Audience Research Study

News | 8 04 2021


Rozana, Arta FM and Enab Baladi, hereafter referred to as “project partners”, want to conduct podcast audience research as part of a joint project titled “Innovative Podcasts for Syrian Cohesion”.

The project aims to contribute to dialogue, diversity and peaceful coexistence between different Syrian communities, and to strengthen the capacity of independent Syrian media in professional podcast production. Hence, we invite interested parties to prepare a proposal to conduct a Syrian podcast audience research study. RFQ N° 02042021-ASRFPU

Research Objectives

The project partners have four main objectives to be addressed by the Syrian podcast audience research:
1. To understand and profile the Syrian podcast audience inside and outside Syria (their age, gender, education, social and cultural backgrounds, etc.).  
2. To understand the audio podcast listening habits and preferences of Syrian audiences in target locations, focusing specifically on the younger generations. 
3. To identify the platforms and applications most used by the Syrian audiences to listen to audio podcasts.
4. To identify the most relevant topics that are of interest to Syrian audiences which can be used in future audio podcasts.
5. To explore the possibilities (opportunities and obstacles) of audio podcasts becoming one of the main formats through which independent media can reach young Syrian audiences.

Research questions

The research questions will be developed and decided together with the project team immediately after signing the contract.
The project partners are interested in researching the Syrian podcast audience in Northwest Syria, Northeast Syria and Central Syria, as well as neighbouring countries and European countries that host significant numbers of Syrian refugees. Bidders should indicate which of these areas inside and outside Syria they can access and their logic for choosing the suggested locations.


The research will need to gather primary data from a range of Syrian audiences, including the partners’ media platforms, in order to meet the research objectives. 

In addition to understanding the audience behaviour of the project partners, it is also required to gather data from other Syrian media audiences to build a wider image of the listening habits and interests in the Syrian podcast market. 

The research has to highlight the most used podcast platforms by Syrian, especially the youth, and the most listened to topics, considering the listening languages. The research could question professional podcast platforms such as as SAWT to collect information about listening behaviour of podcast audiences in the MENA region.

Digital surveys and online focus groups are advised to be used to collect primary data.

The following research methods are suggested for the bidder to consider.

These are not prescriptive, and the bidder is free to propose amended or alternative approaches that they feel will best meet the research objectives and answer the research questions.

As part of the inception phase, the successful bidder will gather input and feedback from project partners to inform the agreed approach.

Information about audience and location

Bidders are requested to consider the following criteria when designing their proposals:

● Online Survey (at 300)
● Locations: Northeast Syria, Nothwest Syria, Cental Syria, Neighbouring Countries (Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq), Diasporas (Europe).
● Focus Groups: multiple focus groups depending on location (to be proposed by the bidders)
● Age range : 15 to 45, with a special focus on the 15 to 25-year-olds.
● Gender: 50-50 gender split.
● Background: A range of education levels, social and economic backgrounds, representative of Syrian society.

Security and risk management

Conducting audience research with Syrian audiences presents a range of significant safety and security challenges that bidders should consider. Please indicate your approach to identifying and managing risks and ensuring both researchers’ and participants' safety and security during the research process.

Bidders should submit an assessment of the different risks they may be encouter depending on the fieldwork and the steps they will take to monitor and minimise these risks. 

Also, what is your approach to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic challenges, such as lockdown measures and exposure risks?

Bidders are also requested to outline the ethical protocols they will follow to ensure informed consent, protect respondents’ anonymity where appropriate, and ensure data security. 

Quality control 

Bidders are requested to include how they will be monitoring quality control throughout the research process. What are the steps they will take to ensure high-quality fieldwork is conducted with respondents that meet the required profile?


1. Inception report detailing the agreed methodology.
2. Data collection instruments (e.g. in-depth interview guide, survey questionnaire, etc.).
3. Completed questionnaires and detailed minutes focus groups meetings.
4. Appropriate formatting and adaptation of all material provided by the project partners.
5. Progress updates during filed work.
6. Audio or video recordings of all interviews and focus groups.
7.  Fully detailed technical report outlining the key methodological stages of each audience research component.
8.  Descriptive report (20-25 pages) detailing the findings and drawing on data from all research components.


The announcement of the awarded bidder will be made on 25 April 2021. The project contract should be signed by 30 April 2021, and the implementation will start around 1 May 2021. The project should end by the end of May 2021. 
The contract will be signed with Radio Rozana, a legally registered entity under the French law 1901, Siret : 794 583 641 000 12. The Contract will be governed by the French law. 


Bidders should quote in Euros including all services and taxes. The proposal should include an itemised budget that clearly identifies the design, fieldwork and reporting costs for each proposed audience research component.

Bidding process

Any questions by bidders should be sent to the email before 15 April 2021.

Questions and answers will be submitted by the project team to all bidders on or before 16 April 2021.

Proposals are due on or before 20 April 2021. The project team will contact short-listed bidders within three days of receiving proposals.

Terms and conditions

● Full confidentiality.
●  Adherence to Radio Rozana Gender Policy and Code of Conduct.
● Copyright over the data, research and results published shall be with the project partners.
●  Full adherence to ESOMAR codes.
● The project partners have the right to alter any or all of the above components or cancel the procurement process altogether if necessary. 

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