Even Syrian Birds Seek Refuge in Turkey's Skies!

Even Syrian Birds Seek Refuge in Turkey's Skies!
Investigations | 02 Apr 2016

On the roof of his new home in the Turkish town of "Bircik," Mahmoud built a large cage for his pigeons, and started to take care of, and trade in, them in the Turkish pigeon market.

The pigeon enthusiast was unable to leave his birds to hunger and shelling in Aleppo, especially as they are the only source of his livelihood. He therefore decided to take his birds along with him, and resume taking care of the rest of his birds, which now number thirty birds.

It seems that the war raging on in Syria has not spared any aspect of life in the country, not even birds which have become subject to either death or trafficking, becoming a commodity for bootlegging out of the country!

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