Clothing Markets: No justice for Buyers in Damascus!

Clothing Markets: No justice for Buyers in Damascus!
Investigations | 30 Dec 2015

Inferior quality and unreasonable pricesthis is what passers-by observe in the fronts of clothing stores packed with the goods, in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Ramez, a sales person in a clothing store says that market activity plummeted due to higher prices. The lowest priced summer dress costs 4,000 [Syrian] Pounds; and imported goodsmostly from Chinaare of inferior quality.

Due to the high production costs, most traders transferred their businesses to smaller workshops inside the city, after the closure of the clothing factories in the countryside. Most clothing factories in Aleppo were forced to close, due to the heavy fighting in the country.

In such circumstances, citizens are barely able to meet their needs including food and housing. Buying new shoes or trousers have thus become a luxury to be attained with the least means possible; despite the fact that most people go to second-hand markets, as does university student, Lina.

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