Syrians and the Complications of Money Transfers Abroad

Syrians and the Complications of Money Transfers Abroad
Investigations | 08 Dec 2015

Syrians abroad suffer difficulty in dealing with banks and money transfer companies. These days, some of them are exposed to blackmail, or having their accoutns frozen for a host of different charges, such as financing terrorism or transferring of funds to militants in Syria.

Amr, a student residing in Turkey, faces difficulty to transfer any amounts above $3000despite holding Canadian citizenship. He comes under constant scrutiny by the bank's management with every transfer, merely because he was born in Syria.

Syrians cannot transfer money transferred into Turkey out of the country. They can only withdraw it from banks, many of which stipulate that such amounts be withdrawn in Turkish Liras.

"Western Union" has become the only refuge for Syrians wishing to transfer money anywhere the world overyet great costs.

How are Syrians living abroad facing these complications? Listen to the report:

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