Syrian Sweets Are Becoming Popular in Antakya!

Syrian Sweets Are Becoming Popular in Antakya!
Investigations | 05 Dec 2015

The traditional sweets of the Syrian city of Ariha have descended upon the Turkish city of Antakya through the efforts of Syrian refugee Abu Waheed. He used to own a shop in the Bustan al-Qasr neighborhood in Aleppo, but lost it because of the shelling by Syrian regime forces, and subsequently had to flee the country.

Abu Waheed opened a shop selling Shuaaybiyat [a type of Baklava, specific to the region] in Antiocha city in which many Syrians live—which he calls the "Jabal Al-Arb'een Sweets" [Mount Arb'een, in the Ariha area in the Syrian province of Idlib]. His store has created a high wave of demand from Syrian, as well as Turkish citizens; who were introduced to the world of Syrian sweets, and learned to appreciate its products.

In Abu Waheed's store, Syrians found something to remind them of their country and its mouth-watering cuisine. It also helped provide job opportunities for some Syrians, like Ali, who now works in Abu Waheed's store.

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