Photographer Baraa al-Halabi: I Do Not Need Any Awards; Help Save My People!

Photographer Baraa al-Halabi: I Do Not Need Any Awards; Help Save My People!
Investigations | 29 Nov 2015

"We do not need prizes and awards; we would rather need someone to save the Syrian people from tragedy, and from the criminality of the regime."

Photojournalist Baraa al-Halabi, after receiving the photojournalism prize in Paris, said that he did not come to receive the prize; but to tell of what is happening in Syria. He pointed out that the Syrian people has become "only pictures" to the outside world; whereas it needs to be resuced from the tragedy and from the "criminality" of the Syrian regime.

Halabi, in an exclusive interview with Rozana on Friday, said "I dedicate this award to all Syriansjournalists, photographers, and all those who work in the revolutionary media, striving to convey the truth to the world."

Al-Halabi was honored on Thursday on the Arab World Institute's Rafiq al-Hariri theater in Paris, with the photoscoop prize of the Fujairah Award for Photojournalism.

As for the picture, the subject of the honor, al-Halabi says, "I was wandering in the Kallaseh neighborhood in the old city of Aleppo on a media mission, when an explosive barrel fell from a helicopter." He continues: "Dust filled the air, and rescue teams arrived to save the victims... that is when the young man, carrying his sister, in an attempt to resuce her, passed me by... and then, the image happened."

Many journalist activists met their fate while attempting to transmit current events in Syria; particularly in hotspots and opposition-controlled areas. International organizations dealing with the press, ranked Syria as the most dangerous country in the world for journalists.

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