Suweida's Youth Escape from Syria!

Suweida's Youth Escape from Syria!
Investigations | 26 Nov 2015

"A few footsteps from the abyss, in a homeland surreptitiously stealing its days, and a war that obliterated its future; there was no alternative to immigration," says Firas, whom the war forced to seek asylum in a European country.

The young man's plight is similar to that of many of his generation in the province of Suweida; who decided to leave Syria behind, and ebark on a long, tortuous, and dangerous journey to reach any European country.

Suweida was never far removed from the reality of the Syrian conflictyet until quite recently, it had been one of the most tranquil of Syrian provinces. It is not surprising, when walking through its streets or witnessing a popular events, to notes the scarcity of young males, between the ages of twenty and thirty.

These recent developments find their causes in the regime's "siege" of young people to force them into compulsory service, as well as declining job opportunities; pushing some of them to resort to illegal methods, to exit Syria.

As for Suweida's well-to-do, they would rather cough up 10 thousand eurosthe cost of enrolling their children in German learning institutions. They find this a convenient, legitimate solution; as well as a way to secure their future, as they say.

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