Syrian Regime Supporters Use the Paris Attacks to Vent their Hidden Anger!

Syrian Regime Supporters Use the Paris Attacks to Vent their Hidden Anger!
Investigations | 19 Nov 2015

With great derision and taunts, were the news of the events that struck the French capital, Paris on Friday, by some Syrians on social networking sites. They shared posts on the topic, inferring certain projections on Syrian actual reality.

Many Syrians paid particular attention to phrases used by the Syrian regime media throughout the years of the Revolution, now on the verge of its fifth year.

Some of these comments may even offer interesting glimpses into the deepest recesses of regime supporters’ minds. One of them writes remarks attributed to French President Francois Hollande's on his Facebook page, such as: “Some germs have managed to penetrate France’s body… France’s body willl automatically cleanse itself.” This is a reference to a statement by the Syrian regime President Bashar al-Assad [in 2013], in which he described protesters opposing him, as being nothing more than “germs.”

Ridicule and Projections!

Comments on the crimes that took place in Paris varied; as activists focused on drawing verbal parallels between Parisian and Damascene areas capital Damascus.

One Syrian page on Facebook writes: "Hubbub in the Place Abbasids de France… Complete bedlam… News of a red Peugeot with Bordeaux license plates roaming the streets of Paris… Terrorist reported to be lurking in the trash can opposite the Louvre… Woe to the French: No one’s sister can come back home at three in the morning, anymore [reference to a now-infamous interview with a regime-planted ‘witness’ on television, in which he decries the lack of security, caused by the revolution. He actually says that his sister used to come home at three in the morning, unmolested—drawing much ridicule].”

One Twitter activist tweets: “Hollande's days are numbered," while another tweets: "The Hollande Brigades are pulling the fingernails of players in the Parc des Princes stadium."

A third also tweets on the same subject: "Random arrests on the Champs Elysees roadblocks; a large number of reservists are being apprehended; the rebels are demanding the departure of Hollande; the Holland Brigades bombard unarmed civilians with [explosive] barrels at the Bataclan theater."

The aforementioned owner of the phrase “Before the “Revolution,” my sister used to return unmolested at 3 o’clock in the morning,” received the largest share of derisive comments. One Syrian tweets: "My sister used to walk at 3 o'clock in the morning unmolested in the Champs Elysees.”

Condemnation and Denunciation from the Opposition

As for the Syrian opposition it, in an official statement by the President of the Opposition Syrian National Coalition [SNC] Khaled Khoja, expressed its strong condemnation of the terrorist attacks under which Paris came, including the taking of hostages.

Former president of the National Coalition, Ahmed Assi al-Jarba—currently heading a party in the Cairo Syrian Opposition conference, thoroughly condemned the attacks. Al-Jarba has solid links to the French leadership French relations, and has met with Hollande on several occasions, most recently in Riyadh.

Social Networks Offer Special Services!

It is worth mentioning, that social networking services provided their humanitarian services to all day yesterday—irrespective of any discrimination based on any divisions and affiliations. It had also been present in prior events, and its experience must be benefitted from in the future.

Facebook, for example, came up with the “Safety Check” service, enabling many to check in on their friends and family members, based on their geographical location—Paris!

Twitter also came in quite handy. French reports stated that, thanks to the tweets of those taken hostage at the Bataclan theater in Boulevard Voltaire—attacked by the armed assailants—French police were able to storm the place, and build their attack plan!

Twitter users also launched the #PortesOuvertes [Open Doors] handle to offer shelter, after the French authorities urged people to evacuate the streets. The tag has gained wide spread, reaching more than 400 thousand Tweets within a few hours of its creation.

It is worth mentioning that the [terrorist] organization Daesh claimed responsibility for the bloody Paris attacks on Friday, which left 128 people dead and about 200 wounded.

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