Finding an Apartment to Rent in Damascus: A New Nightmare!

Finding an Apartment to Rent in Damascus: A New Nightmare!
Investigations | 08 Nov 2015


Finding an apartment to rent has become a nightmare of citizens forcibly displaced to the Syrian capital, Damascus—particularly those who fled the worsening living conditions in the city’s countryside, as well as the machinery of battles and shelling.

Renting a house in the heart of the city seems all but impossible for those with low-income, such as Huda. She left her home in Darayya and fled to the capital. For nearly five months now, she has been looking for a home and cannot find one; potential landlords require her an upfront payment of a year’s to six months’ rent.

With the mounting population pressure overcoming Damascus, some property owners resort to exploitation. The real estate market seems tempting; one citizen sees that real estate offices ask the tenant to pay the full costs of the contract. He also points to an additional suffering: The regime government has stipulated that those who wish to rent a house in the capital should obtain a security permit to be able to do so.


Given these conditions, the selling and buying movement continues. Many Damascus residents are selling their property, to secure the amount necessary for them to travel to Europe, in search of a safe life!

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