Lattakia's Trees in Danger!

Lattakia's Trees in Danger!
Investigations | 04 Nov 2015

The Lattakia countryside has lost a large proportion of its vegetation, which was considered the largest such green area in Syria. Unlawful tree logging activity, for a variety of purposes continues unabated! Notwithstanding the bombing, which causes brush fires that affect the trees.

"Abu Ali" is a field medic, and a native of the Al-bayer area in the Jabal al-Turkoman region. He grumbles about the substantial air pollution that has occurred in the region, and explains that the logging and scorching by [aerial] bombardment, has other attendant damages. Charred lumber may fall over ambulances at any moment, necessitating extreme caution whilst driving, and not speeding while transferring [emergency] cases to hospitals. Logging has also caused forest roads to be revealed, thereby exposing them to regime forces.

Abu al-Abed on the other hand, logs trees in anticipation of the winter and its cold. At the same time, he levels his criticism at opposition fighters who left the fighting, and became embroiled in the logging and trafficking business. According to the man, one ton of firewood is sold in the Lattakia countryside at a price ranging between 10 to 15 thousand [Syrian] pounds.

A new reality for the pine, oak, and cedar trees and forests of the Lattakia countryside, which had attracted tourists from all over Syria and the world, to enjoy fresh air. Many have been scorched, while others simply fell to the axe!

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