Kobanî: He Pitched his Tent Atop the Ruins of his House!

Kobanî: He Pitched his Tent Atop the Ruins of his House!
Investigations | 08 Oct 2015


Omar stands next to his tent which he pitched atop the ruins of his erstwhile house, which stood near the Mashtnour hill in the city of Ayn al-Arab [Kobanî]. He seem to neither be dismayed, nor desperate, not even frustrated—despite the devastation and destruction of the entire place.


"I am grateful to God, for answering my prayers: May my house lay in ruins, if it means that Daesh [ISIS] are ejected, and I can reunite with my family," says the quinquagenarian; stressing the price he is willing to pay, in exchange for the ejection of Daesh from his hometown, where he lived all his life.


This sentiment is not exclusive to Omar—who now stands guard of the location with the “Kurdish People’s Protection Units [YPG]. His wife also confirms her attachment to this land. She also chose to pitch a tent over the ruins of the house in her hometown, north of Syria, rather than being displaced outside—even after circa 80% of Ayn al-Arab [Kobanî] lay in ruins.

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