"Syria Off Frame..." A Venice Art Exhibition

"Syria Off Frame..." A Venice Art Exhibition
Investigations | 02 Oct 2015

Donnatella Della Ratta, coordinator general for the exhibition "Syria Off Frame" which opened last month in the Italian city of Venice, says that the exhibition is part of a larger project, comprising a number of countries with the participation of 140 artists from each country—a prerequisite for participation.

As for the Syrian participation, Della Ratta advised that the most important aspect was the "mosaic," and the diversity that the country comprises. This made preparing therefore quite easy, especially on the rich cultural and artistic level, with many versatile options available.

Della Ratta adds that she chose 140 artists from Syria, from several generations and different backgrounds—including directors and graphic artists, writers and visual arts, such as: "Tammam Azzam, Nihad Al-Turk, Safwan Dahoul, Abdul Karim Majdal-Bek." The goal from showcasing them with the apparent divergence was to display an image of the diverse intellectual and artistic output the country boasts of. Given this richness and diversity, it was not plausible to favor one line or one direction over others; there was, therefore, a keen and conscious effort  to showcase different viewpoints.

At the end of her interview with Rozana, the coordinator general indicated that the exhibition will continue until the beginning of the month of November.

To listen to the audio of this interview, kindly follow the link: http://rozana.fm/ar/node/14605.

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