Turkish Authorities Prevent Photographing Alan's Funeral

Turkish Authorities Prevent Photographing Alan's Funeral
Investigations | 06 Sep 2015

Turkish authorities prevented the Arab and international press from filming the funeral of [drowned] Syrian child Alan on Friday morning, in the Suruj area in the vicinity of the souterhn Turkish city of Urfa.

Rozana's delegate reporter to cover the funeral, Zeina Ibrahim, says that Turkish armored vehicles surrounded the funeral procession, preventing journalists from approaching; while the vehicles carrying the bodies of the child Alan, his brother, and his mother proceeded on their way to the town of Ayn al-Arab [Kobanî] in northern Syria. A very small number of civilians was allowed entry with the vehicles, while journalists were prevented from entering the Syrian border.

Turkish Coast Guards had earflier located the body of the Syrian child Alan on a beach near the Bodrum area. The image of the young child's drowned body spread widely in Arab and international mediaa new image in the series of dozens of tragic stories related to the forced migration of Syrians, wishing to escape the cycle of violence in their country.

Rozana managed to conduct an exclusive interview with the Alan's father, who survived his ordeal at sea while atempting to cross from Turkey to Greece trip. To read it in full, follow the link: http://rozana.fm/en/node/14617.


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