Syrian Journalist Zein al-Rifai Injured in Aleppo

Syrian Journalist Zein al-Rifai Injured in Aleppo
Investigations | 28 Aug 2015

Syrian journalist, Zein al-Rifai, a member of the Aleppo Media Center affiliated with "AFP," was injured on Tuesday in ​​Aleppo in northern Syria, while covering battles between opposition fighters and the forces of the Syrian regime.

Rifai's injury occurred when an artillery shell fell near him while covering the ongoing fighting in the village of Başköy in the Aleppo countryside. He was seriously wounded in the face and legs by shrapnel, and was taken immediately to the field hospital in the city of Aleppo; where the doctors recommended his transfer to Turkey to receive the necessary treatment.

AFP's News Director, Michèle Léridon, said "We are quite worried about Zein's health, and are working with our colleagues to enable him to receive proper medical treatment."

She added that "his valuable ​​and courageous work in Aleppo, has contributed in communiating to AFP's customers the enormity of the human suffering caused by the Syrian conflict. This incident, once again, reminds us of the enormous dangers faced by journalists covering this terrible war."

Rifai's image and video productions distributed by "AFP"and through it relayed by international mediais not limited to the coverage of battles; it also recounts the details and suffering of Aleppo's inhabitants in a city split in two halves, one controlled by regime forces and another controlled by opposition fighters.

It is worth noting in this context, that the Syrian regime forces regained control of the village Başköy in the countryside north of Aleppo on Wednesday morning, after violent clashes with opposition fighters who took control of the village yesterday.

Regime forces have also launched a campaign of heavy shelling on opposition fighters in the countryside north of Aleppo, thereby forcing their retreat.

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