Three Women from Damascus' Ghouta

Three Women from Damascus' Ghouta
Investigations | 10 Aug 2015

Three Syrian women living in the besieged East Ghouta, each with her own personal experience and suffering. Ola, for example, is a Lab technician with high academic credentials. Her career having been stalled with the harsh conditions of war, she additionally suffers with the passage of years without marriage or being able to create a family—the dream of any young girl her age.

As for Ruba, she lost all her hopes in freedom, dignity, and all lofty principles. She only wishes for the situation to maintain its current bad level, and not deteriorate... She now keeps her hopes at their bare minimum, rather contenting herself to looking for small solutions in mundane housework, and receiving her meager monthly salary from the Syrian government.

Huda is an adult woman, married with children. Despite all the hardships, she still manages to find a window to freedom, through a change in her husband's behavior towards her following the revolution. She says "he has become more open and receptive... and much less intolerant and authoritarian." It seems that the principles of the Revolution helped change the man's convictions and his thinking. Nowadays, Huda ventures out of the house, seeking a high school diploma, and looking for the dim threads of her dreams in the darkness of war and the fighting around her...

Listen to the Ruba, Ola, aand Huda, and the rest of their story.

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