A Marathon to Encourage Women to Bike in Qamishli

A Marathon to Encourage Women to Bike in Qamishli
Investigations | 07 Aug 2015

In order to break the barrier of fear among girls, a Women's Cycling Marathon was held in the city of Qamishli. Mezkin Mohammed, a leading female cadre of one Kurdish party, cofnirms that girls suffer from problems of transportation to their schools. Bicycles can be a possible tool to help them in this issue.

The Marathon, sponsored by the Women's Bureau in the [Kurdish] "self-management" authority, witnessed the participation of more than thirty girls of all ages, under the slogan "The Struggle of Women Knows No Boundaries;" in an attempt to change social misconceptions, which make it an exclusive right for men to ride a bike, as per the head of the Women Bureau Amina Ousi.

The race started from the Osman Sabri roundabout in al-Hilaliyeh, and ended in the Youth City Roundabouta distance of one kilometer. It was accompanied by a an ambulance team and an Asayish [security organisation of the Kurdish Supreme Committee in Kurdish areas of Syria] force.

This Women's Struggle Marathon was preceded a short time ago by a group women's activity in the city of Amuda; wherein women rode their en masse throughout the town's market.

To listen to this report: http://rozana.fm/ar/node/12332.

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