Daraa: Ten Kilometers for a Glass of Water!

Daraa: Ten Kilometers for a Glass of Water!
Investigations | 04 Jun 2015

Hundreds of displaced people gather on the plains surrounding the city of Daraa. They escaped from their neighborhoods in the city, with the escalation of clashes at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, between opposition and regime forces.

Rozana visited those displaced and reviewed the situation up close. Abu Mohammed recounts the story of his and his family's escape to the nearby plain: "We came out of al-Manshiyya. We found the situation bad here; there is not enough materials, no water." The man is forced to walk almost 10 kilometers a day, to get drinking water for his small family. He adds: "Every minute there is bombing. We do not know where to go. There is work, nor any aspect of life."


Displaced people in the vicinity of the city complain of local councils' dereliction towards them. They continue to ignore their vital most important of which is drinking water, or even tents to shelter the displaced. Umm Ammar tells Rozana: "We are a disaster-stricken family of six. We came out of Daraa under bombardment and blockade... We could not stay there... Where can we go?"

Displaced people in the plains of Horan suffer severe shortages today; but their families who are in opposition-controlled areas are equally cut off from most food commodities, due to the Syrian regime forces besieging them as well as parts of the roads leading to the city's neighborhoods.

To listen to the full report, please follow the link: http://rozana.fm/ar/node/13674.

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