How Has War Affected the Teachers of Ifrin?

How Has War Affected the Teachers of Ifrin?
Investigations | 20 Apr 2015

As a result of the conditions experienced by the country, a large number of teachers were severed from their profession; while others were dismissed by the regime, due to their opposition thereof.

The Syrian regime suspended pay to Dlshah Hussein, teacher in Ifrin north of Aleppo. He was summoned to the Air Security Branch, on charges of participating in demonstrations. Despite his attempts to resume his career, they prevented him from doing so.

Hassan, also a native of Ifrin, was a philosophy teacher in Aleppo's high schools. The security situation forced him to leave the city, only to settle in Afrin without any work.

The developments in Syria have, thus, forced many teachers to swtich careers, after years of exclusively dealing with students and books and notebooks.

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