Who Occupies Suwayda's Sidewalks?

Who Occupies Suwayda's Sidewalks?
Investigations | 12 Mar 2015

The "Pivotal" Highway, one of the main roads in the province of Suwayda, is witnessing severe bottlenecks. This is not due to its centrality in the city, nor to the large number of cars and pedestrians crossing it; rather to a dramatic mushrooming in the number of stalls, whose spread has helped hinder people's movement on the sidewalks, and caused more than one incident between pedestrians and motorists.

Omar, a Suwayda resident, says: "this phenomenon [stalls] on the Pivotal Highway is a totally uncivilized one. It is an indicator of chaos, whose responsibility falls onto all officials in the province," adding that these stalls, forced people to walk in the middle of the street, between the snaking traffic of cars; as they have all but overtaken the sidewalks.

Omar adds: "we are also suffering from stalls in the vegetable market. Whereas the street used to accommodate two cars in the past; there now is no room for even one! This issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible."


The absence of any role of the municipal and provincial authorities, has been the cause of many people's ire; as a result of the widespread and indiscriminate presence of these unlicensed stalls, particularly on Suwayda's main roads. This has offended the public appearance of the city, as some citizens see it.

Even more dangerous, is the fact that these stalls are under no form of supervision; possibly selling contraband or rotten food supplies.

Yusuf considers these stalls ubiquitous in Suwayda's streets as an insult to the public view. He adds that most of these stalls actually conceal arms beneath them, amid a total absence of any supervision or control; and says "I wish this phenomenon would simply disappear, as it is an offense to us as citizens, and infringes on our civil rights."

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