No Work or Study for Lana!

No Work or Study for Lana!
Investigations | 02 Mar 2015

Lana was unable to bring her academic certificates with her. When her parents and she left their home it was quite suddenly, after the security situation quickly deteriorated in their district of al-Hajar al-Aswad [south of Damascus]. This brought upon her many difficulties later and has even prevented her from receiving a high school diploma.

Lana talks about it today to Rozana, saying: "The Free Syrian Army [FSA] had distributed pamphlets alerting residents asking them to evacuate in three days maximum. We did not have enough time then, and had to leave al-Hajar al-Aswad posthaste. We did not take anything with us."

Lana decided to complete her education in their new location in Damascus, where schools required no identification papers from displaced students. She stayed at school, until the worsening health of her father who became hemiplegic, forced them to go to Jordan for treatment there.

In Jordan, she tried to obtain a high school diploma. But in order to do so, she was forced to start studying from the tenth grade. Given their dire straits financially, it was etremely difficult for her to stay in school for three years. Under the pressure of difficult living conditions in exile, she chose to work to support her family; but unfortunately was unable of continuing to do so. The Jordanian Ministry of Labor had also issued a law prohibiting the work of Syrian refugees on its territory.

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