A Syrian Women Collective Provides Its Services To Young Men As Well

A Syrian Women Collective Provides Its Services To Young Men As Well
Investigations | 15 Feb 2015

Basma, a Syrian refugee, lives in the Turkish city of Urfa. She sees that many of her female compatriots have become vulnerable to exploitation, in a country of which they neither know the language or the laws. She also expresses her rejection of marriage between Syrian women and Turkish men.

The conditions experienced by Basma and other refugee women, has prompted a number of young Syrian women and men to establish a civil center in the city of Urfa, under the name of the "Syrian Women for Peace Collective."

Um Alaa, the collective's director, says that it aims to offer psychological support to women, as well as awareness of marriage laws in Turkey, and to caution against underage marriage.

The collective performs these services via periodic visits to Syrians' homes. The collective addtionally supports women employment, by teaching them various crafts; noting that its services are not merely limited to women.

Mohammed, a college student for example, was forced to leave his education in Syria behind. He decided to join the collective for a sewing course, in the hope of eventually finding employment.

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