Stories | 13 Dec 2014

By: Mohammed Suleiman

It seems that all Syrians needed in their daily lives abounding with challenges were statements and quotes from here and there, to add to their pain while they are undergoing immense difficult living conditions, and a humanitarian tragedy both at home and abroad. All Syrians, particularly regime supporters, were recently shocked and surprised after hearing the statements of the Minister of Finance in which he stated that Syrians were living in luxury, and implored them to practice austerity.

Apparently, to His Excellency the Minister, the long queues Syrians stand in for several days on end to get their hands on a gas cylinder, or a few liters of diesel for heating, are a kind of luxury. Citizens, rather than complaining, should be thankful and praise the Lord for still being alive, eating and drinking. They should also simply disregard all the ugly details of this ongoing war waged by all and sundry against everyday oridinary Syrians.

Pro-regime Facebook pages are bustling with comments and opinions complaining of [Prime Minister Wael] al-Halaqi's government. This government is now being accused of mocking the people and swindling them day-in and day-out. And since those who still have a shred of decency have drifted into oblivion, the field has been left wide open for anyone wishing to prey on Syrians of all stripes, and attempt to suck their bones dry.

Then, in a Syrian first, "Daddy's Boy" came out of his silence... He was simply unable to tolerate further what he reads on Facebook pages about the corruption of his father and his clique. He therefore decided to direct his words to those who remain of "the great Syrian people," and tell them of the many "sacrifices" his father makes for them everyday; of his miraculously escaping deth in several assassination attempts on his daily way to work on the salvation of Syria. It turns out, after all, according to him that the Syrian people were unworthy of all of "Daddy's efforts" (Halaqi's son's words). His lengthy absences from the family home did not meet with the approval of Syrians rolling in luxury—a luxury so anathema to the government and its Minister of Finance, to the point of almost pushing to establish an anti-luxury austerity Authority!

The Prime Minister's son will almost certainly write such words. Anyone living in safety, and not having to languish in the queues of death trying to secure gas, fuel oil, or bread; anyone who has cars and guards at his beck and call; in fact, anyone whose father is Prime Minister; Will be unable to see anything beyond the walls of his luxurious, divinely bomb and missile-protected palace. He will, rather, readily assume his father's mantle, and heap his revulsion and derision onto those people unworthy of "daddy's efforts."


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