Investigations | 02 Dec 2014

Mulham held high hopes for freedom, but he died in the fighting in Syria. His friends have decided to pursue his dream, and founded the volunteer group bearing his name, becoming active in relief work. The nucleus started in Jordan, but has widened to Lebanon and Turkey, as well as inside Syria.

Baraa Babouli, one of the founders of the team, spoke to Rozana about the early seeds and the growth of the team during the last two years. It started with four young men sitting in a cafe. One of them came up with the idea and now, two years later, they are forty young men and women, who were able to help dozens of families.

No Politics

Baraa points out that the team has chosen to focus on the human aspect in the absence of any politics, with varied activities targeting a varied spectrum of the refugee population, to help them with their different physical and moral needs.

He adds: "The turnover of our activities reached $200K last Ramadan. We focused on psychosocial support for children, through carnivals, charity bazaars, and orphan sponsorships. We currently have more than 70 orphans inside Syria, and people who deliver their monthly stipends."

Baraa expresses his delight over their achievements during the past two years; yet at the same time, his sadness because the war rages on and the people's suffering has not stopped.

Hope and Fatigue

Bayan Adawi, a volunteer and contributor to the team's activities from the onset, expresses her pride about the accomplishments, saying: "All the past twenty-five years of my life are on one side of the scales, and the last two years of my life on the other. Two years in which I have come to know love, hope, home, heartache, fatigue, family and team spirit."

Tasneem on the other hand, hopes to follow up their humanitarian activities inside Syria, and contribute to the reconstruction of their country. She says: "In the beginning things were difficult, but the help and the support of many that we received has helped us. I hope not to end up here, but rather be able to work in the coming years in Syria."

Mulham's Friends wanted to revive his memory, as well as remind of those who are daily dying in Syria. They believe that the message of those who sacrificed their lives for a better country, must not be allowed to die.

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