Investigations | 29 Oct 2014

With each passing day, the electricity crisis in Aleppo has distended to the point where people no longer care whether it is or is not connected. Entire areas are in the eastern countryside suffer a sever electricity crisis, with the current there arriving for only very a short period during the day, during which it is also frequently interrupted. 

Khaled a resident of the countryside east of Aleppo, says that electricity has become “the basis of everything: without it there is no work, and the price of all life’s necessities will become even more expensive—even a loaf of bread,” as he puts it. 

He adds: "electricity in the Aleppo countryside arrives about an hour or two a day, not enough to cool the refrigerator. This suffering extends to the factory owners, as well as to shops and families." 

The population’s need for electricity has ‘generated’ new job opportunities for others, as generators deployed in neighborhoods have become a casual sight for people. Subscriptions to electrical generators are made by payment of monthly sums. 

Says Mohammad: "These Amperes [generators] have come as a mercy to the population, and have become a major fixture of peoples’ lives in Aleppo, with the spread of electric generators in the majority of the northern and eastern rural areas. Residents share in or two Amperes according to their need, with one Ampere of electrical power ranging between 1,500—2000 Syrian Pounds." 

Mohammed believes that these Amperes have led to residents rationing their consumption to only the absolutely necessary—lighting and television. As for the Amperes’ dealers, they sometimes raise the price of subscription with the habitual argument excuse of high diesel prices being the culprit, according to the young man. 

Within the current reality, residents have no more need of the Syrian regime's government for their electricity, now tat they are manly using electricity generators, which have become widely available in the market.

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