Syrians’ legal guide in Egypt

Syrians’ legal guide in Egypt
Investigations | 21 Jan 2014

Mohsen Ibrahim - Cairo Attorney Yousef al-Mata’ni, director of the Egypt & Levant Centre for Legal Services, has published recently a guide to help Syrians living in Egypt.

The guide includes the most important legal information and advice for Syrians living in Egypt. According to Yousef al-Mata’ni, the "Syrians’ guide legal in Egypt” is a booklet of condensed legal information to simplify and explain the most important proceedings and highlight the most recurring problems Syrians residing in Egypt might face.

Al-Mata’ni said that this 30 page booklet was published at the expense of the of the Egypt & Levant Centre for Legal Services, after failing to get any funding or financial support from the Syrian organization in Egypt and abroad. He added: "We contacted the National Coalition and the Syrian community in Egypt, but our requests for support were met by indifference." Al-Mata’ni who was supportive of the Syrian revolution since the very beginning explained that the Egypt & Levant Centre for Legal Services offers legal services such as consultancy and legal advice over the telephone and on its Facebook page.

They also help Syrian refugees in Egypt with accommodation and visas in addition to representing Syrians detained by the Egyptian authorities; "we do not charge our Syrian clients, they just have to pay their own fees to the courts and the government, but we do not ask for fees in return to our services."

Sympathy with the Syrian people and believing in their revolution is what inspired al-Mata'ni and his colleagues to open this centre, which has become now-in the light of the political commotion and instability in Egypt-more necessary than ever.

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