Running away from the barrels of death

Running away from the barrels of death
Investigations | 21 Jan 2014

Nour Hijazi - Aleppo A massive wave of migration is taking place across the rebel-controlled areas in Aleppo city due to the daily shelling by the Syrian regime forces.

The Aleppians exodus has escalated rapidly since the number of explosive barrels falling on the city reached 16 barrels per day.Many of the displaced, especially those who have lost their homes, have decided to leave their country for good.

Turkish refugee camps are the main destination for the majority of them. "Of course we will leave .. what else can we do?? Our home has been destroyed.. We were left with an impossible choice between homelessness and refugee camps" says Ahmed who has fled with his family to Turkey a few days ago to escape the explosive barrels.

The regime air force raids several neighbourhoods in Aleppo city on daily basis, leaving the people in the residents in a continuous hell of terror and panic. Um Yasser told us that she has been living with her family in constant state of panic; "we’re sitting down waiting for death, we do not know when it would finally come... We’re not scared of death, we are scared of what might happen to our children, I cannot imagine them hurt and suffering... We just want to live in peace."

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