Job Opportunity.. Rozana is Looking for a Technician and Sound Director

Job opportunity
Job opportunity

Services | 10 Apr 2023 | ROZANA

Rozana Institution wants to recruit a Technician and sound director according to the following job description:

Job Title: Technician and sound director – Part Time

Place of work: Turkey - Gaziantep

Nationality: Turkish

 Closing date: 30/4/2023

To apply for this job vacancy, please use the following link:

Tasks and Responsibilities:

1- Radio program production and directing
2- Production of jingles, promos, and advertisements music
3- Production of program teasers and promos
4- Programming on broadcasting software
5-  Music programming according to the program schedule
6- Broadcasting Rozana Radio programs according to the program schedule
7- Maintaining the voice identity, quality, and regularity of the broadcast
8- Maintaining organization and arrangement of the archive and music library
9- Updating applications as needed
10- Maintaining and coordinating equipment maintenance with the technical manager
11-  Preparing reports on program and advertisement broadcasting and extracting them from broadcast software and schedules
12-  Field coverage with journalists
13- Installation of new technical equipment and simple devices
14- Following up on production projects such as drama and awareness campaigns
15- Editing and uploading programs and segments on the website
16- Organizing and updating the music library and entering it into the broadcast software
17- Organizing sound archives according to segments and programs and organizing them on broadcasting software
18- Recording live programs
19- Live video broadcasting through broadcasting software on social media

Required Qualifications:

1-  A degree in sound engineering or equivalent qualified experience. 
2-  At least three years of experience in sound engineering and directing.

Technical Qualifications:

1- Ability to solve technical problems.
2- Good communication skills.
3- Good manual skills and ability to control hands smoothly and quickly.
4- Ability to focus on multiple tasks at once.
5- Use of specialized software for sound production.
6- Programming skills and dealing with broadcasting and music software.
7- Ability to work under pressure in a dynamic and changing environment.
8- Attention to detail, quality, and accuracy in work.
9- Ability to work in a team and coordinate with other team members.
10- Knowledge of the latest technologies and applications in the field of sound production.

To apply for this job vacancy, please use the following link:

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