Job Opportunity.. Rozana is Looking For a Programs Producer and Presenter

Job Opportunity
Job Opportunity

Services | 10 Apr 2023 | Rozana

Rozana Institution wants to recruit a Programs Producer and Presenter according to the following job description:

Job Title: Programs Producer and Presenter – Part Time

Place of work: Turkey - Gaziantep

Nationality: Turkish

 Closing date: 30/4/2023

To apply for this job vacancy, please use the following link:

Tasks and Responsibilities:

1- Writing the program script.
2-  Selecting guests and communicating with them.
3- Providing recorded and visual programs.
4- Coordinating with the editor regarding the preparation, presentation, and publication operations.
5- Coordinating with social media for promoting content.
6- Selecting and executing promotional audio and visual clips.
7- Ensuring the copyright and intellectual property rights of the content.
8-  Ensuring the authenticity of the content.
9- Attending meetings related to monitoring and development.
10-  Sending live broadcast content to the technical department.
11-  Adhering to live broadcast schedules.
12-  Preparing necessary reports about the program with department managers and colleagues in other departments.
13-  Operating and using some technical equipment during broadcasting and recording.
14- Notifying specialists of any faults or errors in any type of broadcast.
15- Completing required data tables.
16- Monitoring the latest and most important news and topics presented in the media.
17- Recording voiceovers.
18- Preparing content within the editorial policy of Rozana and within professional journalistic standards and under legal and contractual guidelines.
19-  Preparing radio stories for radio and online.
20-  Complying with Rozana's journalistic code of ethics, behavior guidelines, and editorial terms.
21-  Verifying information mentioned in programs and reviewing fake news.
22-  Working on programs and stories with a 360-degree view.
23-  Collaborating with colleagues and specialized managers to develop program ideas.
24-   Executing projects related to the institution.
25-  Participating in training sessions.
26- Following up on other media, especially parallel and competitive media of the institution.
27-  External coverage.
28-  Daily Following up on public affairs and making use of them as much as possible.
29-  Daily coordination with the direct manager in the institution regarding daily work accomplished.
Required Qualifications:
1-  Bachelor's degree in Radio and Television, Journalism and Media, or a related degree or equivalent qualified experience.
2-  Experience in program preparation and presentation for no less than three years.
3- Mastery of the Arabic language.

Technical Qualifications:

1-  Knowledge of local and international political, social, and economic situations, and a general culture in social affairs.
2-  Acceptable radio voice, correct pronunciation of letters and words, and the ability to speak on radio.
3-   Strong communication skills (oral and written) and the ability to persuade and clearly convey ideas.
4-  Skills in discussion and negotiation.
5-     Interesting in all matters related to radio and social media.
6-     Ability to solve problems creatively.
7-     Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
8-     Skill in using a computer.
9-     Ability to work independently as well as part of a team.

To apply for this job vacancy, please use the following link:

Rozana is an independent media institution not related to political or religious agendas. In its programs, it discusses Syrian issues, and it is keen to present different views. Rozana aspires to be a voice that supports democratic values in Syria. It also encourages the establishment of citizenship and justice concepts.

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