Job Opportunity.. Rozana is Looking for a Salesperson

Job opportunity in Rozana
Job opportunity in Rozana

Services | 22 Sep 2022 | rozana

Rozana institution wants to recruit a Salesperson according to the following job description:

Job title: Salesperson
Location: Gaziantep
Closing date: 10/10/2022

Tasks and responsibilities:

1- Know the features of the institution’s work in a new way.
2- Study the labor market.
3- Searching for advertising opportunities from large and small companies in Turkey.
4- Know the prevailed economic situation that is related to the type of work implemented by the institution.
5- Propose and research for available investment opportunities.
6- Develop future marketing plans.
7- Develop sales plans.
8- Develop and maintain relationships with clients.
9- Expand the network of clients constantly.
10- Build relationships with individuals, organizations, and institutions at the Arab and international levels.
11- Attend conferences and seminars for entrepreneurs to introduce them to the institution.
12- Generating sufficient income for the institution and supportive to general budget.
13- Promoting the institution’s advertisement sales.

Required Qualifications:

1- Bachelor's degree or diploma in business administration, marketing, or relevant university degree or equivalent of qualifying experience.
2- At least four years of experience in marketing.
3- Fluent in Turkish and Arabic and, can speaks English.

Required Skills:

1- 1 - Strong communication skills (oral and written), and ability to persuade and clearly convey the idea.
2- Presentation skills.
3- Demonstrated following-up of developments in information technology and media.
4- Ability to solve problems in creative ways.
5- Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
6- Skill in setting priorities and commitments of scheduling dates.
7- High computer skills.
8- High skill in using Microsoft Office programs.
9- Ability to work as an individual or as a part of a team. 
10- Ability to travel and move within Turkey.

To apply for the job vacancy, please use the following link:

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