Rozana Signs a Memorandum of Understanding With “Equity and Empowerment” Organization

memorandum of understanding
memorandum of understanding

Services | 30 Aug 2022 | Rozana

Rozana Media Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding with the organization "Equity and Empowerment" to launch cooperation in the field of digital security safety.

The first step of the cooperation between "Rosana" and "Equity and Empowerment" will be through the introduction of a paragraph within the program " drive it" to protect the presence on the internet.

The cooperation project between the two parties aims to disseminate the right concepts, principles and practices to enhance digital safety and increase its impact on the internet space and the Digital Life of people.

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Equity and Empowerment is a non-governmental, non-profit feminist organization operating primarily in Syria and in neighboring countries. We are a group of women and men who believe in gender equity in the social, economic and political arenas. Thus, we push for the gender equality and equal participation of women in all life sides, and stand against any form of discrimination against all society members.

In its programs,"Rozana" discusses Syrian issues and is keen to review different points of view, and aspires to be a voice that supports democratic values in Syria, and encourages the consecration of the concepts of citizenship and Justice.

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