Rozana institution wants to recruit Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

 Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring and Evaluation

Services | 25 Apr 2022 | Rozana

Rozana institution wants to recruit Monitoring and Evaluation Officer according to the following job description:

Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer MAEL

Place of work: Turkey

Nationality: Turkish

Closing date: 15/4/2022

Tasks and Responsibilities:

1- Prepare M&E plans for projects 

2- Prepare M&E reports for projects

3- Collect data for each project

4- Collect and analyse statistics

5- Follow up the plan of project implementation 

6- Prepare administrative calendars (deadlines for submitting reports, work plan ....)

7- Prepare reports about the performance of the institution (carrying out activities, distributing of tasks.....)

8- Propose a plan to improve the colleagues’ capacities (a plan for training and capacity building for all, according to the speciality of each person)

9- Follow-up on a weekly basis with various management and departments to discuss the details of projects, obstacles and inquiries emanating from M&E activities.

10- Update the tools of monitoring and evaluation. 

11- Attend meetings of (donors, partners, conferences, workshops)

12- Attend training courses to build capacities.

13- Follow up accomplishment reports and conduct electronic and paper archiving of tasks.

Required Qualifications:

1- Bachelor's degree or diploma in a relevant major or equivalent qualified experience.

2- Four years of experience in monitoring and evaluation.

3- Fluent in English and Arabic and can speaks Turkish.

Technical Qualifications:

1- strong communication skills.

2- Knowledge of the media code of ethics.

3- Demonstrated following-up of developments in information technology and media.

4- Ability to solve problems in creative ways.

5- Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

6- Skill in setting priorities and commitments of scheduling dates.

7- High computer skills.

8- High skill in using Microsoft Office programs.

9- Ability to work as an individual or as a part of a team. 

Rozana is an independent media institution not related to political or religious agendas. In its programs, it discusses Syrian issues, and it is keen to present different views. Rozana aspires to be a voice that supports democratic values in Syria. It also encourages the establishment of citizenship and justice concepts.

To apply for this job vacancy, please use the following link:

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