Rozana Media Foundation exchanges experiences with Arab women journalists in light of coronavirus crisis

Rozana Media Foundation exchanges experiences with Arab women journalists in light of coronavirus crisis
Social | 07 Nov 2020

Rozana Media Foundation participated in the activities of the "Women Journalists Speak" conference, in its fifth session, on 27-28 October, at the invitation of Filastiniyat organization.

The organization devoted this year's edition of the conference, which was held over two days between Ramallah and the Gaza Strip, to focus on the conditions of Palestinian and Arab journalists in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Loujain Haj Youssef, the editor-in-chief of Rozana Radio participated in the conference and shared the radio’s experience in managing the work team during the coronavirus pandemic. 

She also indicated that the most serious challenges facing women journalists' job security is changing the financing strategies of media institutions due to the global economic crisis, and the impact of the pandemic on job stability, in addition to increasing responsibilities.

Haj Youssef stressed the need to empower Arab women journalists with the digital skills required in the field of media work, as to be able to keep their jobs during the pandemic.

The conference discussed the work-from-home experience and its effects on media interests, the pandemic economic repercussions and its reflection on the rights of women journalists, and the continuity of their work. 

The conference also highlighted the violations that took place during emergency situations, restrictions on journalistic work and freedoms, and the significance of women journalists advocating to receive trade union or human rights empowerment.

A group of women journalists from Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Iraq gave testimonies about the challenges of news coverage both in the field and in the newsrooms during the pandemic, the additional burdens that have accumulated under the decisions to impose closures in most countries, and the health and professional restrictions that have emerged. 

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