Rozana Radio provides special coverage of the World Cup Russia 2018

Rozana Radio provides special coverage of the World Cup Russia 2018
Sports | 26 Jun 2018
 Rozana Radio has broadcast media coverage of the World Cup in its 21st edition in Russia.
Through this coverage, Rozana Radio aims to provide a varied media material with a unique content that enables Rozana followers to be updated with the latest news of the World Cup and to gain knowledge of this world’s championship that people wait once every four years.
Rozana Radio also aims, through its coverage, to create a positive interaction for the Syrian public with the World Cup, seeking to strengthen the message of peace in the face of the war that has engulfed the Syrian citizen, and to turn the days of the World Cup into an interactive space to resort to, leaving behind the effects of war and its aftermath.
                                       Special photos from Russia during Rozana Radio's World Cup coverage.

The radio relies on this coverage through a multi-media technique which provides specialized press reports and sports materials related to the World Cup in various forms, whether sports analysis by hosting the specialists or and the launching of radio material through a special program broadcast daily on the radio, or even visual materials broadcasted on the radio Facebook page in live and direct video from Russia.
A Video from the live broadcast of Rozana Radio’s special coverage for World Cup Russia 2018.

This coverage was enhanced by the opening of a special section of the World Cup on the radio site including several programs which serve this work. There was “World Cup Memories” Program that showed Rozana’s audience everything related to the history of the World Cup. There was also “a Star in the World Cup” program which talks about the teams participating in the Russian World Cup and their stars. In addition to the analytical sports program, which deals with the daily events of all World Cup matches and reviews their results in numbers, statistics and other relevant information, there is another program dealing with the latest news of the World Cup.

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