Infographic: Women's movement in Syria

Infographic: Women's movement in Syria
Info Graphics | 29 Jun 2016
Marie Ajami established the first women's magazine in Syria in 1919; while Nazik al-Abed assumed the rank of army captain in the 1920s; while Zarifa Bashour received a degree in medicine in 1911.
In 1935, Damascene women demonstrated against the French occupation; Huda Shaarawi founded the Arab Women's Club in 1944; and in 1958, Syrian women entered parliament to be part of the governance of the country.
Nowadays, the proportion of women in university education is circa 50%; women represent 38% of the workforce in the media sector, and 13% in the justice system. Yet the murderer of women in "honor crimes" still receives reduced sentences in the Syrian Penal Code, adopted in areas under the control of the regime; and armed factions on all sides traffic Syrian women—particularly minorsand sells them into wedlock to Syrian, or foreign, fighters.

This infographic has been published in partnership between the DAWLATY Project and Rozana Media.

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