Infographic: explosive barrels

Infographic: explosive barrels
Info Graphics | 24 Aug 2015
In explosive barrels, the Syrian regime has found a cheap and simultaneously highly destructive weapon. It has largely ignored the calls of the UN and the international community to desist from using these barrels in the bombing of civilian areas.
It is Aleppo and its countryside which receive—on an almost daily basisthe brunt of the barrels of death, that have claimed the lives of thousands of civilians during the past four years.
These barrels are thrown by hand from helicopters. They are loaded with explosive rods, gunpowder, explosive charges and scrap iron; cause huge explosions and fires; as well as a wide spread of deadly shrapnel.
Amnesty International recently announced that 11 thousand Syrians were killed by explosive barrels attacks since 2012; while Bashar al-Assad continues to deny his army's use of this weapon, sarcastically exclaiming: "I have not heard that an army uses barrels or perhaps domestic pressure pots."
This Infographic has been published in partnership between the DAWLATY Project and Rozana Media.

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