Press Release from Rozana Media Incorporated

Press Release from Rozana Media Incorporated
Investigations | 16 Jan 2017

Solidarity of the Team management and the staff in Gaziantep

We are delighted at Rozana radio (management and staff) to announce the end of the strike  at Rozana Gaziantep office in Turkey, and the return to work starting from Monday January 16, 2017, after a serious, transparent and democratic dialogue between management and Gaziantep office staff.

This meeting was attended by a representative of The Syrian journalists association SJA and a representative of the Board of Trustees of Rozana Radio.

The agreement  is considered as a primacy to Rozana on its way to create  a democratic atmosphere inside Syrian media organizations, and solve conflicts by international standards and criterias, that are  based on a positive dialogue. This step serves the organization's mission to build a Syrian free and democratic media in order  to enhance the freedom of expression, which is  considered an essential part of the Syrian revolution demands.

We thank the media for their eagerness to follow what happened this week at Rozana radio. Both the management” and the staff  emphasize on the solidarity between us and  reject of all accusations that have come from  some parties to Rozana radio and its staff, which  do not fit with the goal of pure professional protest, or questioning Rozana’s integrity and mission.

We promise our audience to continue the efforts to build a free media platform that supports the demands of the Syrian people, particularly the freedom, democracy and transparency.

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