Rozana presents workshop for professional journalists "Integrated newsrooms and modern journalistic tools"

News Saturday 06th May 2017 |Rozana

Rozana Media held a four-day workshop for experienced journalists titled "Integrated newsrooms and modern journalistic tools". During the workshop, journalists Mays Qat and Lujain Haj Youssef presented an advanced explanation of working methods in integrated newsrooms, with the participation of a fellow journalist specializing in social media Khaled Alharbash and graphic designer Michel Haddad.

The workshop provided practical and intensive training on the new functions of editors, which, over the past few years, have moved away from an editor’s conventional functions.

The training presented the Rozana newsroom’s modern and distinctive editorial method was adopted as an advanced professional model in which the editor carries out research and investigative work or translation and editing, then carries out publishing, media montage and photo editing using the latest technological means and modern technical software and tools to produce accurate news material that is presented in an easy and clear way to the reader and the listener at the same time.

Twelve professional Syrian journalists attended the training and were selected based on their advanced experience in journalism. Rozana Media has contributed to developing their editorial experience as well as providing them with practical, up-to- date skills for working in integrated newsrooms.