A Doctor In Aleppo: Break Into What Remains Of neighborhoods will be on "corpses of civilians"

Investigations Wednesday 14th December 2016 |Rozana

The doctor Salem Abu-Nasr, who is inside the besieged eastern districts of Aleppo, called for a cease-fire in those neighborhoods, warning of "massacres" against civilians in the case of the regime's army and its allies continued attacking the besieged neighborhoods of Aleppo.

Abu-Nasr said, on Tuesday, in a phone call with Rozana: "We ask all the governments of the active countries in the world to put pressure on Russia and the Syrian regime and force them to immediately stop the bombing of civilians in Aleppo."

He added: "about 50 thousand civilians are still trapped in Al-Ansari neighborhood in Aleppo", pointing out that civilians, mostly women, children, and elderly, are crowding on top of each in less than 3 square kilometers."

He pointed out that "any attack by the regime's army and its allies on Al-Ansari neighborhood in eastern Aleppo means that those forces will walk on the bodies of civilians", describing the situation there as "on the brink of a massacre."

On the news of the executing the medical staff in a neighborhood Al-Kallaseh by the Syrian regime army, Abu al-Nasr said that contact with the stuff was lost on Monday, in the hospital Hayat, and their destiny is unknown until now.


The UN reported earlier on Tuesday that it has reports say that the Syrian regime army and Iraqis fighters have committed executions against dozens of civilians in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.