Radio DoDo: I learn differently

Radio DoDo: I learn differently
Radio Dodo | 31 Mar 2019

This evening, Radio-Dodo dedicates the show to all children and people who learn differently at school or elsewhere. The theme of tonight’s installment is I learn differently.

We start the show with a rubric on Tips for Kids with Learning Difficulties produced by Common Sense Media. Afterward, Marie-Raphaëlle Leblond reads The tale of the Camel. Later, Paula Henriquez-Karmis spoils us with the story of Epaminondas, adapted from Le conte des albums du père Castor Flammarion to a musical tale by Nathaly Pasieczny and Chantale Morin at Muzimonde, and to English by Paula. Gabriel Veiga reads The mice that roar suggested by Karine Zerbé and Paula recites her story The Extraordinary Boy. The show will come to an end with Romy Boutin St-Pierre’s rubric retold by Gabriel.

Have a wonderful evening. See you soon.


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