The Difference Between Rights and Dreams

The Difference Between Rights and Dreams
Kom Akhbar | 17 Aug 2015

Ayman Mardini posted a short story on his page in Facebook: "An Arab man sat down with a Westerner. The Westerner asks: What are your dreams? The Arab replied: A proper education, proper treatment, a proper job, a proper salary, and proper security for my old age. The Westerner replies: I am not asking you about your rights; I am asking you about your dreams!" Mardini concludes: "This is the country I want... This is how my country will be."

As for Mustafa Sultan, he writes on his Facebook page commenting on the exploitation suffered by the Syrian refugees, at the hands of those who like to pose as helping the needy, and who use the sufferings of others to climb upwards: "If I posted pictures or wrote everything that happens with us, a great many people would be ashamed and stop patronizing the Revolution. They would stop aggrandizing themselves at the expense of the poor ones, and would remain small, as they actually are; their salaries would remain at twenty thousand [Syrian] pounds, and they woul never dream of their current [one] thousand dollars."

Mustafa went on expressing his annoyance, saying: "Arrogance never makes a man. I remember my sister, my uncle, my nephew, and the martyrs in our family; but I am too timid to sing their praise. I have a lady friend who gives me strength and patience, whose five brothers are martyrs... I feel ashamed facing her... I receive an injury, or fall ill, and am ashamed to say anything; there are young men who became crippled after their injuries, and only God knows of their predicament." Mustafa concludes: "If we help or save someone from disaster or disease, we feel ashamed to mention it, and try to distance ourselves from him; at the same time when someone shamelessly and without any conscience claims credit to themselves, patronizes the poor, and trumpets their own heroism!"

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